Family Time

The cabin is where I come to recharge.

For one, the air is fresh. And then, two, my phone doesn’t really work here. Well, except for a spot next to the nightstand that sort of gets signal, sometimes. I don’t even bother with it. There if I need it. Here, Lee and Arturo and I can just relax. We chop a little wood when we need to build a fire, which really leads to a lot of sitting, drinking wine and, you guessed it, some good home (cabin) cooked meals.

The cabin itself has been in Lee’s family for years, and we have big plans to add onto it over the next few of seasons. Something that fits the style of some neighboring barns. We’d like to be able to better put up our friends and relatives, and be able to feed them all a little more easily via some added cooking space.

“We eat really well up here,” Lee says. Yes, we definitely make a point of it. And the walks we take up Turkey Hill and around the rim of the little valley our cabin rests in are sometimes just to work off the previous meal and get hungry for the next.

Like a proper cabin breakfast. Colorful roasted potatoes and perfect eggs from Dave Jordan’s farm, Two Wash Ranch. Not only does his birds lay some great eggs, but he fills my restaurants with beautiful chickens (and Turkey’s in the Winter) year-round. This time we’d have some killer Smithfield ham, too. Roasted off in a pan with some fresh herbs and butter, the ham is a beautiful centerpiece. That meal, with the eggs — and this time, a loaf of country bread from Noble Bakery — is ideal when you know there’s wood that needs chopping for a day full of cooking.

Alex Leiphart