Offal Snacking

Here are livers and hearts from the cornish hens, cooked over the flame and smashed onto Noble Bread toast while I wait for the hens to finish salt-baking. One of the reasons why I love to purchase my birds from Two Wash Ranch and from small farms is that you’re able to buy the whole animal, so you end up with these small gifts -- hearts, livers, and gizzards -- that make an exceptional addition to a meal or, in our case, something to refuel in-between meals. Even though these bits and pieces can be fattier, and even though their intense flavors can be a turnoff for some, for others they can be a real treat (hey, more for us).

Lee and Arturo came back from running errands in town just in time to help me eat some of this smokey appetizer. Not exactly light snacking… but it’s the cabin. We snack heavy.

Alex Leiphart