Modern Day Boy Scout


As a boy scout I spent years while growing up camping on the Mogollon Rim, located less than a couple hours drive northeast of Phoenix. Naturally, I love going back there and doing some of the same things I loved to do as a boy scout: camping, relaxing by the fire, hanging out with friends. Being outside and smelling the fresh air, I always enjoy eating a great meal that’s been cooked over the fire (sometimes before going on hike to work it off, but, more importantly, to make room for another).

For this particular camping trip, I had this standing rib roast that I cut two big chops off of. While the sun set, we prepared a simple steak dinner, with a view of the whole rim. The sky turned purple, got dim, and we had a perfect meal to eat by the time it got dark, aided by the light and warmth of the fire.

The next morning, before a hike to the other end of our impromptu camp site, I made a breakfast of sliced pork loin and squash cooked with herbs, and eggs cooked right over the coals, finished with a little -- okay, a lot -- of butter. A few drops of Homeboy’s Hot Sauce, my favorite, was the perfect touch of heat to set things off.

Alex Leiphart